How To Make Hair Bows

free sewing patterns for how to make hair bows

Yes she’s brave, but don’t worry the tiger is fake!

So my niece needed a big red bow because she wanted to be Snow White for Halloween. But those over-priced boutique bows are a little out of reach for my sister (she has 6 kids). So they decided it was time to call Aunt Joquena. How could I refuse, I mean look at her! My niece Giselle is just too gorgeous so I said yes, of course I would make her a bow.

Of course I’d never made one before, but I wasn’t about to let that stop me. And I didn’t want to follow someone else’s pattern because then I couldn’t brag about my own resourcefulness! So here it is, the easiest and cheapest way of how to make hair bows you will ever see.  I’ve eliminated the need for ribbon which is the most expensive component.  Don’t worry the pattern is free and if you follow my advice in the video your materials will be too!

 How To Make Hair Bows – Part 1


How To Make Hair Bows – Part 2

How to Make Hair Bows – Free Printable Sewing Patterns

Click on the blue link below the pattern image to open a pdf file. If you just try to print the image you see your sizing will be all wonky!

making hair bows

click the link below to print your free how to make hair bows pattern

how to make hair bows sewing pattern

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