How To French Braid

If you’ve ever wondered how to french braid today is your lucky day! It’s not as hard as it looks and Renee will even show you some ways to hide your beginner french braid mistakes!

How To French Braid

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT – How To French Braid


Today we’re going to learn how to French braid hair. Modern Homemakers video intro and theme song. Hello I’m Renee with Modern Homemakers and today we’re going to learn how to French braid hair. There’s a lot of different styles of French braiding, today we’re just going to do a very basic single braid and Winnie is our model. Winnie smile turn around. There she is, there’s our model, ah so beautiful.

We’re going to wet the hair so it’ll be a little bit easier to handle. Winnie has a lot of hair. It doesn’t have to be totally wet, just to kind of get it where it’s going to go back and not be flyaway around her face after we get the braid. Your hair does not have to be this long to French braid. Once you learn how to French braid you’ll find that you want to do it a lot. It’s a great fast way to do little girl’s hair for school or I French braid mine whenever I go exercise. So you do want to get these tangles out as much as you can.

Then we’ll go straight back. There’s so many different styles that we could, I’m trying to figure out she’s got some breakage we don’t know if she found some scissors. Winnie I need you to look up just a minute and then you can get back to your video game, the video game is great of tv, look up there for just a minute, is a great way to keep them occupied. If they have trouble sitting still like this one does. All right I’m going to take about an inch of hair right in the middle. So she’s got a bunch of different lengths here because her bangs are growing out. So that’s going to make it a little more complicated.

Hey Winnie I need a favor from you I need you to not do the video game just quite yet I need you to look up at that picture up there for just a few minutes while I get this first part. So I’ve got my section I’m going to divide this into 3. So these are the 3 partings that I start with, so just like if you know of to do a regular braid it’s similar how you start. We’re going to cross under, there’s an inverted or an outward bread. I’m gonna do the outward one today. You’re going to take the right side under, and always we’re like pulling and trying to keep that kind of tight. And then come under with this side. So that’s our first pass and we’re going to add more hair to it. We can do this with a comb or I’ve got long enough fingernails that I’m going to do that. We’ll have to keep detangling. If it’s long hair you’re going to have to keep detangling you may have to take the comb and smooth it out. It just depends on the hair if it gets tangly like that or not.

So I’ve added that, this is the existing piece, I’m going to add it together and get that underneath. All right you can look forward now sweetie. OK, so this is where it get’s difficult. I’m holding all these two in my right hand, that one I’ll let go of for just a second and I’m going to add to it. You can even have someone help you and hold the other hair if you’re learning and you want to do. So I’ve added this new section to it and I’m going to be going underneath again. Each time I’m going to go underneath. Now we want this centered on her head so I’m going to look up and kind of keep an eye on where that nose is as I’m going through. So with my left hand I’m going to hold this tight and once again adding some more hair. About a half an inch, I like to go ahead and detangle, and comb that into the other one to make it nice and smooth now grabbing this existing and the new one and I’m going to put it under each time it goes under.

So the other way to do it is putting it on top and you just have to decide ahead of time which one you’re going to do. They look different when you’re done either adding the hair under or on top. It looks more flat if you add it on top, the braid Is more raised if you add it under. You have to hold it kind of tight they may not like it, put your head down sweetie. You can do your game now, you can play your game now. And I am doing it kind of tight because I want it to stay and last and look real good all day, so she could go to school, play on the playground and it’s still gonna stay nice and tight. We’re even gonna put a little hairspray in it when we’re done to keep it tight.

We could at this point if we wanted to we could stop right here. We could put a pony tail in it and then braid the end and put another pony tail in the bottom just do a partial braid just keeping the bangs out of their eyes. But for today I’m going to go all of the way down and braid all of it. OK now when they turn their head it can get crooked. So if you can get them to look forward… You can even French braid your own hair, I do that with my hair just kind of keep it out of your eyes, keep it off your neck I do that when I’m exercising or working outside in the yard. Try to sit still. Now you’re probably thinking oh it looks kind of sloppy right now, right through here. But that’s ok we can smooth that out with a comb afterward we’ll straighten that out and smooth that out.

We could have gotten this wetter, I didn’t get it very wet. It could be done like right after a shower when the hair is totally wet. It also would get, I can see right here this is where her bangs are growing out, so we’ve got pieces sticking out. We’ll fix that with some hairspray. All right we’re almost done Winnie. So I want to make sure I’ve got all of it. Here’s another place we could stop. This is a nice looking braid to. You put a ponytail holder right were my hand is and you leave this bottom part as a ponytail instead of a braid. We’re gonna go all the way down I’m gonna put a little water here.

I saw a little bubble here so I’m going to go back and fix it. Just very carefully I’m gonna hold on tight, back up a little bit maybe comb that spot that was sticking out and then go back to it. We’re going to put a ponytail holder in here. We’re gonna spray with some water because we’ve got some things sticking up and that doesn’t look as good, and I’m just gonna gently comb all the way up to the braid. I’m pushing under any little things that are sticking up, I’m going to put some hairspray in keep it in place. I can also push under any loose spots push them under the braid. You could even use bobby pins if you need to see where I’m pushing the comb you could put a bobby pin in there if you need to. Along here we’re just going to swoop that stuff up off of your hairline. She’s been growing those bangs out quite awhile but it takes a long time her hair is so long, for the bangs to get down to the length of everything else.

All right, there you go she’s ready for school! Please subscribe to our youtube channel. You might also like how to remove skin tags naturally.


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