MeLisa And Ryun Forever Family

I’m so excited, like jump up and down excited 🙂  My sister is in a new reality show featuring her husband and 6 adopted kids. She and her husband have such an amazing marriage that I’ve always respected her advice and found encouragement that there really are still happy long term relationships out there!

If you’ve been filled with a sad void like me since Jon and Kate broke up, you don’t need to be sad anymore.  Their new show MeLisa and Ryun Forever Family is AMAZING. It’s a reality sitcom style show the whole family can watch.  Family safe shows are a must for me, that’s why we watch so much of the Duggars.

Can you imagine having cameras follow your every move?  I can’t.   I don’t know if I’d be willing to get out of my pajamas every day haha!  Clearly she feels pretty confident in her wife & mothering abilities.

Because she’s my sister I pulled some strings and asked her to do an exclusive interview for Modern Homemakers.  Don’t forget to keep scrolling down to watch the trailer for their show.


5 Things you should know about MeLisa and Ryun

I asked MeLisa and Ryun to list 5 things about what makes their marriage work:


  • We are madly in love. Like super dorky crazy in love. People have called us 2 peas in a pod since the beginning.


  • We seldomly argue but when we do its usually over a creative idea or whose joke we should keep in a script.


  • When it comes to the kids it’s us vs them. We always try to have a united front whether we agree or not.


  • We’re very different in our personalities and our approaches to life which is what we love most about each other and get annoyed by most in each other.


  • The biggest key to our marriage is respect. We appreciate each other and put the other person’s needs first. We know how lucky we are each day we have together so we treat each other with love and adoration.

MeLisa is a contributor on Modern Homemakers. To see a list of her posts click here.


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