Juicing Recipes – Mexican Corn Juice

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Ready for a new juicing recipe?

If you’re looking for new juicing recipes you have to try my Mexican Corn Juice, it’s a totally awesome taste explosion!  You might also like my Spinach Apple Juice.

Mexican Corn Juice Recipe


  • 4 ears corn
  • 1-2 jalapenos
  • 4 limes
  • 2 bell peppers
  • 1 large onion
  • ½ bunch of cilantro
  • 2 stalks of celery


Juicing Recipes – Mexican Corn Juice

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT – Juicing Recipes – Mexican Corn Juice

This is one of my favorite juices. It make seem weird, but we’re gonna use corn today and we’re making Mexican Corn Juice. Modern Homemakers, helping moms video intro and theme song. Hello it’s Joquena and I keep getting request for juice recipes. So, this is one of my favorites and it’s super easy. If you want the exact measurements follow the link in the description and go back to my website.

But everything here is what I’m using in the bowl. So the first thing we’re going to be using in corn on the cob. Which is still raw, and I’m not going to have you watch me do all 4 pieces here, but you’re going to take a knife and cut the corn off. So you kind of just keep turning, I should have grabbed a better knife, but I’m injured right now I have like 2 cuts on my hands and I’m afraid of my big knives at the moment. So you can see that comes off really fast, and you’re going to do the same thing to all 4 ears.

Okay, I’ve got all 4 ears shaved off and since I didn’t bring down my big cutting board I’m just gonna juice stuff 1 at a time instead of incorporating. So you’re gonna want to make sure if you do it like I’m doing stir! It actually makes a really pretty, it’s almost like a rock layer but it’s all liquid and you can see all the different colors. You can see this recipe has so many vibrant colors, yellow and orange if you used red bell peppers you’d have that, green, the purple from the onion. Green limes and jalapenos.

Pause just a second, the juicer always puts out a little liquid at the beginning. Now I don’t think I’m going to shoot the video today, I just want to go drink my juice, but I am going to save all my pulp and you can put it in your freezer if you want to trust me to eventually film the video, and I am eventually going to make, I’ve made them before they’re really super yummy especially if you’re doing all raw. They’re kind of like a tortilla cracker, chip, tortilla chip but it’s a cracker, and it’s I make them out of the salsa juice too, but I think I like the salsa juice ones a little better.

Super yummy, they have like flax seeds. All sorts of healthiness in them. But if you don’t trust me to put that recipe up any time soon I don’t blame you because I just go the last day of my last juice fast put up and that was oh I don’t know 3 months ago that I did that juice fast. So cough, I haven’t earned trust. OK, got all the corn in, and isn’t his silly? Ii mean it looks like corn meal almost. All that in there, and you can see we’ve got like a frothy yellow, and we’re going to go ahead and add in something pretty next. Taking our bell peppers and slicing them just so they fit in the juicer.

So I had them halved already, but that’s 2 bell peppers. I made this in, I have lots of juicers, I made this in my breville once and I would definitely recommend tasting before you think you’re done in the breville, because it was not the same consistency at all. And I had finished and I was like oh I don’t like this and it’s too late, so if you’re using different types of juicers it’s kind of like when you’re cooking real cooks take their spoons in the kitchen unless they’ve made that recipe a million times, and they taste it as they’re going along. So, you can do the same thing right in here, stir your bowl when you think you’ve got a good amount and just take a sip of it.

See what it tastes like. I like things spicy, you might not want things very spicy. I like things so spicy it makes people cry sometimes. In a good way. OK, I’m gonna take an onion, and you can use a white onion too, I just kind of use whatever I have. And I am just slicing it small enough to fit through the juicer and I’m gonna run in a couple stalks of celery at the same time because it’s just gonna go fit in

Celery works like the salt. I’ve been working on this recipe for some time and initially it’s like oh I just want salt in there. And I went, duh, celery’s a natural salt what are you thinking? OK, I might be to the point where I have to pour some out. You might want to halve my recipe if you’re not willing to take a risk on such a large quantity.

The corn is exciting because it has a natural sweetness in it, thus corn syrup. I would not want to make this my primary juice because we all get enough corn in our diet to begin with let’s face it! But when you’re doing a long juice fast you need the variety or you go crazy. Gonna put this in, and then I’m gonna pause and pour. I’m gonna put this here in case it drips any because I want that for my crackers.

I’m not going to make you watch me do this to all of them, but if you have a citrus juicer you can use that or with your limes you can just cut off a bunch of the outside. If these were organic you can even zest them into a jar and put that into the freezer and you’ll always have lime zest when you want lime zest. Man these limes smell good. You can see what I’m doing, this lime is not perfectly in its prime it’s giving me a hard time.

We’re gonna do that to all 4 limes. I’ve got all 4 limes peeled. As you can see they’re not perfect and beautiful, they’re gonna be in my tummy it doesn’t matter. Gonna squish this, oh there’s still the purple onion color coming through. I know they’re called red onions, but they look purple to me. Am I alone on this. I think that’s just a little silly. All right this next step is very important, depending on whether or not you like things spicy. On the recipe I say 1-2 jalapenos I’m saying 2 because I’m using my garden ones and they’re tiny. I’ve seen ones in the store that are like this big. And there’s one more thing if you don’t like it spicy cut it open and take out the seeds because that makes it even spicier. But guess what I like? Spicy.

So I’m just gonna put the whole thing in there seeds and all. And then you need half a bunch of cilantro. If you’re using like store bought cilantro. I went and got store bought cilantro so I could give you a reference. When you buy a bunch it’s half of that, or a good handful. And herbs are just so good for you, like cilantro is really good for heavy metal detoxing. And I should put half as much in there next time in the juicer, but I’m making it work, oh look at those muscles. And the next tricky step is will I get it to fit in my jar. I was trying to use my pretty empty organic juice jar here. And we’ll slide this over.

Make it work, make it work. It’s gonna be close people. Cheating here, I’m gonna pour a little so I’ve got room. Make it work. And then make, make, make sure that you mix this. Or you’ll get all lime, or all the peppers that you just poured in the top or something else horrible. And I’m gonna let you in on a secret, this tastes better the next day. This is like the only juice in the world that actually tastes better the next day. All of the flavors meld together. This will taste good right now, I’m gonna have some right now, I’ve been waiting all day for this. But it actually tastes better the next day. Put my lid on so no more oxygen gets in there and just one fast reminder, save this pulp if you’re interested if you have a dehydrator I have a raw cracker recipe that I came up with that I happen to love. Because there is no time like a juice fast to save up all your pulp. You will never make that much pulp in normal day to day life even if you have a quart of juice a day there’s just something when you’re doing a juice fast.

Ok my hands are totally dirty. There’s a reason this is one of my favorite juices. It’s that good. So, it may look crazy, go out on a limb. This is a good juice people. Especially if you’ve been having carrot juice or mean green every day and you’re like ahhhh I’ve got to have some variety. So, if you’re looking for other juice recipes I’ll put a link after this but I have a spinach apple juice that is like one of my daily staples. I love that juice. Please subscribe to our youtube channel, looking for yummy juice recipes? Spinach Apple Juice.


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