Juice Fast Day 19

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Here’s what I looked like on the last day of my juice fast.

Breaking my juice fast, so here’s juice fast day 19. Thanks everyone for your support. Sorry it took me so long to get all of these up (it’s actually been like 3 months since I did this last juice fast… insert awkward coughing)  Anyway, I’m so glad I did this fast and I’m currently on day 5 of my new 30 day fast.  Although a juice fast is never easy, at least I knew what to expect this time!  That said, everyone please have patience if I don’t get things done as quickly as I like, after all… it’s going to be a long month!

Juice Fast Day 19

juice fasting

I can’t believe all the progress in such a short time.


Modern Homemakers theme song and intro, Day 19, I’m going on a juice fast, because I’m sick of looking like this, and feeling sick all the time, I want to look like I did before kids, I need to be healthy and alive for these guys.

Hello! Todays the day I end it all. Day 19, I actually already ended it, at lunch, anyway, what an amazing transformative experience. I am down 4 sizes top and bottom. The bottom took longer to catch up. 4 sizes down, getting to wear new clothes, yay.

It’s just so exciting. I have so much energy and I’m definitely feeling happier having had my salad today. It just took me awhile to process that, and I’ve been getting definitely to the point where I was grumpy a lot with the fast, so I decided that we were going to be done.

But I am going to do, trying to do all raw, but I live in a rinky dink little town that in the middle of nowhere, so I’m gonna do the best I can with that. I can’t get all the produce and stuff I want to. I ordered a bunch of my nuts online and I’ve been feeding my husband amazing things the whole time I’ve been juice fasting, I’ve been giving him raw food.

And he’s just like “we’re not going back” And if one of us comes home from the store with stuff the other one has permission to throw it away. So anyway this is the amazing raw feast. I made for my family tonight. Basically I’m going to learn to have a life without taco chips. And I love pico, so we’re gonna use the lettuce to wrap it up and this is some carrot pulp.

I’m still drinking lots of juice so that’s from my carrot pulp from making my juice we’ve got some raw soaked walnuts mixed in there, chili powder, and our strawberries are our dessert. And we’re just gonna load up our own burritos. Without any of that yucky flour that’s just gonna make us uhhhh for hours afterward.

And me sitting down here on the ground, my kids are so excited. Mommy wasn’t able to do stuff like this. This would have killed my back and I would have been… mmmm I didn’t even want to sit at the dining room table my back hurt so much when this first started. And it’s just so nice, to have so much less weight, on my body, so look forward to some raw recipes starting to pop up all over the place.

Because that’s our focus now. Thank you for joining me on my journey and I hope that I’ve encouraged you to make some healthier choices for yourself. Because I really do feel that my health is in my hands and the same thing for you.

I would recommend eating something way simpler and smaller to break your fast. I was instantly full and uncomfortable… although it did taste amazing. Please subscribe to our youtube channel.

You might also like Storing carrot juice.. I’m not a doctor. This is just my juicing journey. You should always consult with a DR before making any radical changes to your health or diet.


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3 Comments on “Juice Fast Day 19

  1. I just wanted to send a note to thank you for inspiring me and probably many others. I found your posts by accident, I’m on day 3 of a juice fast and was searching for some real life inspiration to keep me going. I’ve really enjoyed your posts, your very natural and honest in front of the camera. Please continue your journal with the new juice fast, it would be nice to follow while I keep up with mine. You have encouraged me its worth it, and if I get over the initial hump, the benefits are really worth it. Thanks again, for you inspiration. Donna (from all the way over in the UK)

    • Donna I’m so glad my videos could help. I am videoing my current fast, and I’m hoping to start posting them in the next few days (fingers crossed). I’m so excited that you’ve started your own fast, give yourself a big hi-five for me! You are doing the best thing for your body, no more trying to cheat with “quick” fixes and fad diets (I’ve tried them all), it’s time for healthy changes and lasting results! How long are you planning on fasting?

      • Thanks Joquena, I’m hoping to do 30 days. I’m now on day 5 and I’m already feeling much better. Looking forward to the new posts. Thanks again for your words of support.

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