Juice Fast Day 18

fat sick and nearly dead juice fast

I fit into new pants!

Here’s my juice fast day 18 and I’m wearing a brand new pair of pants that’s 4 sizes smaller the pair that I was wearing at the start of my juice fast, yay!

18 day juice fast

Taking charge of your own health can be so empowering!


Juice Fast Day 18

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT – Juice Fast Day 18

Modern Homemakers theme song and intro, Day 18, I’m going on a juice fast, because I’m sick of looking like this, and feeling sick all the time, I want to look like I did before kids, I need to be healthy and alive for these guys.

Feeling great, I’ve pinpointed that the time I want to quit every day is between 4:30 and 6:30. And that’s when my kids drive me crazy, so what I’m doing today is I’ve just been bracing for that all day and I know that’s my weak point and I’m not gonna let it get me.

And today I drug my mom in town and we’re going out to a movie and I’m going to battle head and nose first not eating popcorn in the movie theatre. So I’m sneaking in a straight pineapple juice and some spinach juice and some stuff like that, so that I can you know have something when I’m smelling popcorn. There’s just something, even though it’s stale in my theatre, there’s just something about that smell. I just want it. Anyway, I just feel great, I’m excited new pair of pants that I fit into today.

I just feel so much energy and I’m so glad I didn’t quit yesterday. My husband asked me again, he’s like “I support you either way, but will you be happy with your decision tomorrow if you stop today?” And I wouldn’t have been. Because I’m not there yet.

Starting to see so much more healing, I’m noticing it’s not completely gone, but my dandruff, like I’ll scratch my head and I’ll realize I’m not doing that as much anymore and it’s like it used to be like gross like under my nails and it’s not doing that anymore. So that’s almost healed. So anyway, just get started if you haven’t gotten started. Your health is in your hands you can totally change your life.

It’s not like this destiny to be like your ancestors before you. It’s in your hands to have health. So have a great day. Please subscribe to our youtube channel.

Looking for yummy juice recipes? Spinach apple juice. I’m not a doctor. This is just my juicing journey. You should always consult with a DR before making any radical changes to your health or diet.



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