4th of July Crafts

fourth of july crafts

4th of July Crafts & Games

If you’re looking for 4th of july crafts, here’s a great one. As a bonus I’ve also included some fourth of july games if you keep watching to the end, it’s a twofer 🙂

 4th of July Crafts

Fourth of July Games

Once you’ve finished your toilet paper roll 4th of July rockets here are some games you can play with them that are great family fun!  What are your plans for this fourth of July?


4th of july games

Who can fire the highest rocket?


4th of july crafts

Who can throw the farthest?


kids games

Partner toss (like you do with water balloons)


4th of july games

Basket toss (move closer or farther depending on age)


family fun

Forget dodge ball, and play dodge the rockets 🙂


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