Spinach Baby Food

Ready to make some spinach baby food?  If you make your own baby food you can save a lot of money!  You might also want to check out Pumpkin Apple Baby Food.

Spinach Baby Food

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT – Spinach Baby Food

I’m going to show you how to make spinach apple pulp and we’re going to turn it into baby food. Modern homemakers video intro and theme song, helping moms. Ok so I have pulp, check out the video if you didn’t watch it. I made apple spinach juice super easy, before making your baby food please watch spinach apple juice juicing recipes. Super delicious I just made it a second ago, mmmm, anyway, but I’m going to take this pulp and make an almost free baby food.

I’m going to add some applesauce, I have the froth from making the spinach pulp and I have the pulp itself now if you’re not making spinach pulp I meant to say spinach juice and you want to make your baby a strong popeye baby like my baby is. That baby is strong, you gotta watch out he knocked me in the face the other day. It really hurt! Anyway, that’s the danger of making babies so strong.

You can just take spinach and run it through like a vitamix you know a really packed cup of spinach with the applesauce and you’d still have really healthy baby food that’s easy. I’m mixing that together and I’m not even going to measure here. I mean, my baby in all honesty he loves apples and he would eat the pulp even without the applesauce but I want it to be the right consistency to fit through a pouch. So I don’t have to sit there and feed him.

So that is still a little too thick to go through the pouch system, so you can see this is an exact science here, we’re not measuring at all. I should have gotten my whisk. I really like my whisk. Getting closer, you really want it to be almost like a yogurt like a thick, thicker applesauce, we don’t want the spinach in the applesauce. I think that’s gonna do it. I have to grab a baby so we can see how yummy this is.

All we’re gonna do is put a cap on here. I really need to do a review for these, these are awesome! I’ve had them for months now and you can see they’re not as pretty as they were in the beginning but they are money savers! It’s like 2 dollars for one of these things in the store just to buy it with dead cooked food and who knows what in it. And this is half raw. Half applesauce half raw spinach and stuff.

And I’m just going to pack this in here. Now you could use less applesauce if you’re going to feed it to your baby the old fashioned way with a spoon. But I have 3 kids and I try to limit that time as much as possible. And I’m still nursing and that’s a big time commitment right there. I forgot to get a rag to wipe the tracks but we’re just going to go with it. I’ll do a wooh so we filled it up. If you fill it up too high it’s going to squish out but oh yeah, I didn’t fill it too high. Anyway, I have to go get a baby so you can see how much he likes this.

That’s right popeye baby you’re super strong. This made 5 pouches, if you cared, and I recommend, oh I know, I know I know, I recommend that you use them up within a couple days because you know half of this is raw food. It hasn’t been processed to oh, I know , I know you want one. And it’s not just for the babies I had a little friend sneak on the set that wanted one too. And oh no, she wants to eat spinach applesauce oh, you’re a healthy girl too aren’t ya. That’s right.

So, anyway, you know I just think as parents it’s our job to put as much nutrition in these little guys as we can. And my parents did the best that they knew and I’m trying to do the best that I know with the knowledge I get. So, anyway nothing wasted, you can even take out the juicer and take it apart and get all the pulp out of there if you want to get every drop of it. And this is certainly cheaper than paying 2 dollars, you know you can get a jar of applesauce for a dollar that will make several pouches. So save some money, get some health and have fun! Please subscribe to our youtube channel. To save even more money watch how to make homemade laundry detergent.


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2 Comments on “Spinach Baby Food

  1. I just came across your blog and I’m loving it. We do a fair amount of juicing and I always feel bad for tossing the pulp. This is a great way to use it up. Thanks.

    • I’m so glad you liked it Kat 🙂 I’ve been a horrible juicer lately… Must buy more spinach haha!

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