Juice Fast Day 5

Juice fast day 5, pat me on the back because I resisted cupcakes, pasta, and popcorn at my daughters birthday party!  If you want to see how far I’ve come already don’t forget to check out my juice fast day 1.

Juice Fast Day 5


Day 5, I’m going on a Juice Fast. Because I’m sick of looking like this and feeling sick all the time. I want to look like I did before kids. I need to be healthy and alive for these guys Day 5 and I’m actually kind of starting to feel glad that I’m alive believe it or not. You know we’re coming out of it that’s good! I feel that, maybe it’s just because it’s my circumstance, but I don’t feel that there’s any harder way to do a juice fast than being a mom. Because I have to touch food all freaking day.

It’s what I do. I told you the other day that I went to my sister-in-laws and I batch cooked like gluten free stuff all day and yesterday was my 8 year old’s birthday so I didn’t make myself make cupcakes, we went and bought those which was still torture to be walking through the baked goods aisle at Kroger. Like ahhhh. Anyway that was hard, but I had to make her favorite meal, I made popcorn, which that’s one of my favorites, I was raised on popcorn.

And I just, although part of me was tempted almost out of habit to eat stuff the other part of me was just like I’m not doing this. I’ve made this choice and that popcorn, that pasta, that cupcake, whatever are not worth getting back to the place where I feel true health. Which, I don’t think I’ve ever really had true health. You know I started having like weight issues in Kindergarten so I am just so excited about progress. I feel like my face is already transforming, and I don’t know that we’re having visible change at this point in the rest of me but I still feel, it almost feels like things are looser not like in a saggy way but like there’s not as much being packed in around my organs and stuff.

So that feels really awesome, and overshare if any dudes are watching but I’m definitely having some light bleeding. And I did some online research because I was like what on earth and it was saying like it was cysts breaking up and I was like Go Yay, goodbye cysts we don’t need you anymore. So, anyway I’m going to keep going and I’m trying to do, at some point in the day I’ve done with every day a corresponding number of crunches and pushups to whatever day it is. So I know that 5 crunches is obviously a paltry amount but I know it’s going to keep adding and the 4 pushups yesterday was really hard. And yes, I did the girl with the bended knee version.

Anyway, you can do it. I have touched food all day and I can do it. Keep juicing. Please subscribe to our youtube channel. I’m not a doctor. This is just my juicing journey. You should always consult with a DR before making any radical changes to your health or diet. You might also like crochet food.


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