Juice Fast Day 4

It’s juice fast day 4. Today I’m going to share all my lovely health problems from PCOS, to menstrual problems, adrenal fatigue, and more!  If you missed it click here to see day 3 of my juice fast.

Juice Fast Day 4


Day 4, I’m going on a Juice Fast. Because I’m sick of looking like this and feeling sick all the time. I want to look like I did before kids. I need to be healthy and alive for these guys. Day 4, and I’m feeling somewhat human today. Actually a lot somewhat human I felt like I actually got sleep last night for the first day in days, and or night in days.

I took a shower this morning and that also helped me feel more human and I’ve got like things erupting out of my pores so that’s fun but I already had like arm acne, so that’s not any big difference. Once again I am not weighing so I have no idea what I started out at or what I am now. I made like a list of all the things that bother me like all my ailments so I’m going to sneak a peek over here at my laptop but this is for my to look back at record and maybe you have some of these problems or maybe you’re unlucky like me and you have all of them. I don’t know.

Anyway, I have been actually diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, that was years ago, and they offered to do all sorts of pleasant things because one of the consequences of PCOS is infertility. That’s why there’s a 5 year gap between my 2 youngest children. They offered to put me through a chemical menopause and all sorts of pleasant things and I just wasn’t willing to do any of those. When I did get pregnant it was because I was doing juicing and I wasn’t doing a 100% but I was juicing and I was doing gluten free and vegan.

And that, within 2 months was pregnant, and I was like whoa, that wasn’t even what I was trying for. I just wanted to be healthier, so, anyway, PCOS. I’ve never been officially diagnosed with endometriosis but I have all the symptoms, I have since I was a little girl and I started way too early. And my mom actually was diagnosed, basically the only way they can officially diagnose you with endometriosis is to go in and cut you. So, I was not willing to do that.

I’ve had irregular menstrual cycles my entire life. I can go months without one, and then I can bleed for an entire month, heavily. So, that’s some scary stuff if you’ve ever done that. Let’s see here, my son was over a year old before my cycle started back up again this last time. I can have like scary, sorry guys if you’re watching this, this is for the ladies. I can have scary hemorrhaging like the size of golf balls when I am bleeding. Constant nausea, fatigue. I actually was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue a few years ago. It’s really hard to get any sort of diagnosis when you have all of these chronic problems.

I consider it a victory any time anything’s actually diagnosed. Disgusting dandruff which I actually noticed, I’ve never done a 100% juice fast before, but like a year ago we did, I did everything except for like a 2 hour chunk in the evening, did a juice fast and that was gone, and It’s all back again, it’s just really gross and itchy and uncomfortable. Arthritic pain, especially in my arms where like you can’t even sleep it hurts so bad. Um, severe headaches, which I’ve had headaches with the juice fast up to this point, but today it’s a dull ache. And I’m voting that as an improvement.

Dry skin, my husband calls me the itchiest woman alive. Poor man, every night before we go to bed, will you scratch my back? My eyes hurt, I get to the point, I think it’s related to the headaches where I can’t even do the computer or watch TV. This isn’t every day, but it’s like, ahhhh! I want that gone, I already talked about the infertility thing. Diabetes, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during my last pregnancy. I started juicing at that point and I had a very large baby, 10 lbs 2 oz, natural birth, I’ll take a pat on the back right here.

Gluten intolerance, if I eat wheat, which I was still doing because of the money, because it’s cheap, my nose will start to itch and I’ll get a headache like right after that. We’ve just decided finances aside we’re doing the juice fast right now, and really I don’t know that it’s going to be more expensive than we were spending on other stuff.

I’ve had weight gain while nursing, everyone says your’e supposed to lose weight. I’ve had 3 babies, I have at least maintained with this baby my weight because I’d been doing some juice and I’d decided to be vegan. That has helped me at least maintain and not gain more weight. But I gained I think 50 more pounds after my second baby so it was just, ya, way to nurse, it didn’t matter.

I’ve gained weight with weight watchers and I followed it specifically. I found I was doing things like, oh if green beans are the same as this little packaged snack food I’ll have the pretzels or whatever. So I started making worse choices in a way with weight watchers. And I think they’ve changed that now, where vegetables are different than other foods. But it wasn’t like that when I did it.

I’ve gained weight with slim fast and extreme exercise where I was there the 2 hours every day with the kids in childcare. And I was a crazy person and my poor husband put up with me through that. I get these stabbing pains in my back like in the ribs section it’s really weird. I get Charlie horses in my legs like I used to get in pregnancy I’ll just get those even now.

I have progesterone issues. I don’t make enough progesterone. So even in, I knew that I had progesterone problems and I got pregnant with my last baby, my third baby, and I just was feeling uuuuh and I wanted them to test my progesterone. And they didn’t want to do that and they said “oh everyone has plenty of progesterone when you’re pregnant” but I just insisted and they tested it, and sure enough I was right and I was low and I had to take a progesterone supplement, a natural one, my entire pregnancy. So I have severe progesterone issues.

I’m trying to work up, I eat things like sweet potatoes and walnuts and turmeric because they help with that and I take a herbalance supplement that has chaste berry in it, anyway, but I’m going to try to juice sweet potatoes this week so I’m not really looking forward to that in the raw state as much as I did covered in veggie butter. So I’ll let you know how that goes.

I have acne, especially on my arms, but I’ll get them on my face too. Depression, I had really bad post partum depression, especially with the first 2 kids and with the 3rd one it was like sheer force of everyday making sure I focused on not going to that place. Definitely depression issues. Irritability, my husband likes to say the oft quoted if momma ain’t happy aint nobody happy.

Inability to fall asleep even when I am exhausted that’s why I was so glad to get some sleep last night. It’s like I’ll just be laying there and my mind won’t shut off or I just physically can’t go to sleep. And it’s miserable, and my father has sleep apnea so I definitely don’t want to just keep that going on and get sleep apnea. Um, Gas, hot flashes, not even just hot flashes I am just always hot. Everyone else in the family has on 2 more layers than me. I strip down as far as I can go.

My back hurts all the time. And my feet hurt, and I think it’s just because of all the weight I have to carry. It’s like I’m pulled forward by weight. Anyway, I’m sure I forgot stuff, believe it or not. But that is pretty much the gist of why I’m doing this. And why for me it’s not just about a number on a scale. I know everyone get’s very excited, and it is exciting to lose weight on your juice fast. But I am choosing to base this on the size that I fit into my clothing, how I feel, and just trying to get back to an optimal place for me.

And today I’m starting my day, I’m trying some unusual combinations here because I want to get more than just carrots and Kale and apples and whatever. So this is snap peas, with I went out to my garden and cut some fresh chives, and some fresh basil because I think herbs are great for you. What else did I put in this? I think I put in some mixed greens so it had some collards and kale and some stuff like that.

Anyway, day four, feeling human and I just encourage you if you’re watching this just to start and change your life. You don’t have to be whatever your parents are. You don’t have to be like it’s not like a fate that you have to have those problems. This is your life you hold the key to your health in your hands, I believe that very strongly. Please subscribe to our youtube channel. You might also like storing carrot juice.


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