Juice Fast Day 3

It’ time for juice fast day 3, that’s right I’m still going. Although this was a particularly rough day of juice fasting!   If you missed it here’s what I looked like on day one of my juice fast.

I’m not a DR, you should always seek medical advice before making any changes to your diet or health.

Juice Fast Day 3


Day 3, I’m going on a Juice Fast. Because I’m sick of looking like this and feeling sick all the time. I want to look like I did before kids. I need to be healthy and alive for these guys. This is my not as enthusiastic day 3, but I’m not going back! I’m in this for the long haul. Let’s see here, I feel like death run over today and it’s not necessarily just the juice fast.

It’s the fact that on day 2 of my juice fast I went over to my sister in laws who’s sick and has a brand new baby and 2 other children and then I basically was her and 4 other women in the kitchen. Batch cooking gluten free vegan stuff and shoving it in her freezer, and I’m just exhausted. I should not have been doing that on my juice fast, but I love them, so, anyway, no guilt for them it was my choice to help them.

And I’m paying for it today. So I’m rewarding myself with my favorite juice which is my salsa juice. It’s tomatoes, it’s basically pico de gallo, but no salt. It’s amazing. But, I don’t know I just kept getting struck with the revelation yesterday that this is, because I was batch cooking all this food and it was like the hardest thing ever because it smelled wonderful and I’m like touching pizza dough and taking muffins out of the oven.

And I couldn’t eat anything and I went wait a minute, I can eat whatever I want, I am choosing not, oh just hand me my baby, I am choosing not to eat this stuff and that’s the difference that it made in my mind. I’m trying to remind myself I could go get a burger and cheeseburger and fries and whatever in a second, but I don’t want to I choose not too.

Anyway, I’m going to keep it up, hope that encourages someone to do it with me, but I have to go feed this baby because he’s sad! Please subscribe to our youtube channel. You might also like storing carrot jucie. I’m not a doctor. This is just my juicing journey. You should always consult with a DR before making any radical changes to your health or diet.


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