How To Make A Knit Stitch

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Ready to learn how to knit?

Here’s how to make a knit stitch. After casting on the knit stitch in is one of the most basic knitting stitches so watch this video to learn how if you’re a beginner or want to learn how!  If you haven’t already seen it you should check out how to cast on, it shows how to make a slip stitch and how to cast on in far more detail!

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The knit stitch is one of the most basic knitting stitches!

How To Make A Knit Stitch

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How to knit the knit stitch

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT – How To Make A Knit Stitch

Alright we’re going to show you how to make a knit stitch and we’re going to teach you the easy one that’s not as complicated as what I learned. Modern homemakers intro and theme song. Alright, I’m Kira, and I’m here to teach you today how to how to knit. It can be frustrating to learn to knit but hopefully we’ve broken it down so it’s simple. But remember, smile take your time if you feel frustrated put the needles down don’t hurt anybody they’re pointed!

If you don’t know how to make a slip knot or cast on, please watch: “How to cast on”. Okay so if you haven’t already watched there’s another video on how to cast on but we’re going to go ahead and start from our cast on stitches and show you how to make a knit stitch. We’ve got fourteen stitches on here it doesn’t matter how many you have the knit stitch is always the same whether you have twenty stitches or whether you’ve got 120.

We’re going to start, there’s a couple of different rhymes there’s an old rhyme that’s been used for a long time where you, and I’ll go through it quickly and then I’ll slow way down, you go under the fence, you catch your sheep, back we come, off we leap, that’s a knit stitch. OK, now we’re going to slow it way down. Here’s what you do, you’ve got a needle in each hand. You can see kind of how I’m holding them it’s just relaxed I’ve got my pinkies curled around them. I’m going to take the needle on the right hand side and push it up, in between you can see right there in between the stitch that’s what you want to do, and you want to wrap from the outside in your right hand in between them to the front. Just like that.

Then you’re going to bring your needle back, and the whole point is to try to keep your yarn right in there on your needle. And then when you’ve got it we’re just allowing the stitch to slip off your left hand needle, so now I’ve got 2 stitches. Let’s go at this again, think of it this way we’ll go tech with everybody. You’re going to make a facebook post, let other people wrap their minds around it for a little while, then they often times will comment or send a post back, oh like this, and then if you want, say you didn’t like their comment or post you can take it off your facebook page.

So that will help you remember, you’re going to make your post, let other people wrap their minds around it they might send one back, and you can take it off if you want. So let’s do this again without the lingo. Take your needle on your right hand side, stick in between that right there, wrap from the back to the front and it will click in between those needles, you’ll kind of feel it after awhile. Bring it back towards you, your right needle and make sure you hold on to that yarn you can see it kind of slide in there. And then let it come of your left hand needle and you’ve got another stitch.

Let me show you one more time, you’re going to take it, in between those two, that’s the big thing like you can see my yarn’s wanting to separate. It’s not wanting to go all the way through. Go back until you’ve got all the yarn. Just like that, bring it around between, then come back, and off. And you just made knit stitches, that’s it. We’ll just speed it up here and get to the end of our row. I also would encourage you to use metal needles. When you’re starting out you tend to be very tense as a knitter, so if you use wooden needles a lot of times they don’t slide very well later you might want to switch but I would encourage you very much to start with metal needles. Also, beware of your yarn, this one’s been used and put back a couple times so it wants to split, that’s why you can see these fibers coming apart once in awhile. Try to use a new yarn if you can so you don’t run into that. When you’re starting it can be very frustrating be patient no one learns to knit without a little bit of trouble.

Ok, so you can see I don’t have any stitches left on my left hand needle here’s what you’re going to do. This needle is just going to magically shift over like that. We’ll do it again. It was in my hand I was holding it, it just switches right overlike that, and now you’re looking at the back side of your knit stitch. So you can see these little ridges, and what you do is you would just start all over again. You take your empty needle in your right hand side and put it, you can see it looks a little bit different because you’ve got this bump, go above the bump. Not through it, not below it, above it, and here let’s get a look at this above it, this is what it’s going to look like when you turn it this way. It’s going above the bump, up through here and you’re going to wrap around again pull it back and off. Again, there’s your bump, come underneath wrap around, and back.

Same stitch, just looks a little bit different because you’ve go the bump from your previous knit stitch. Same thing, underneath, in between those 2 pieces of yarn, come around pull it back and let it come off your left hand needle. Please subscribe to our youtube channel. You might also enjoy how to dye your hair.


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