How To Cast On

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How To Cast On

Here’s how to cast on for beginning knitters. Learning to knit doesn’t have to be hard, thanks to today’s Modern Homemakers’ visitor, Kira.

how to cast on

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How To Cast On



So let’s grab your needles and lets learn how to cast on and then you’ll be on your way to learning how to knit. Modern Homemakers theme song and intro. Today we’re here to teach you how to cast on. And I want you to smile and I want you to relax because it’s really not that complicated. You’ll see we go through it several times and repeat it and repeat it so that you so that you can see. But this is about the most simple cast on method that I know of. I’ve done several and this one I teach to children because it’s really 3 or 4 simple moves.

So be patient don’t be hard on yourself. Yes kids can do it but sometimes it takes me a good hour/ hour and a half to teach kids how to do it. So if you don’t get it in 10 minutes don’t stress. Enjoy it.

Alright so we’re going to show today how to make a cast on stitch the easiest one that I know of is to give yourself a tail of yarn and then start by making a slip knot. If you don’t know how to make a slip knot it’s not too hard. Cross one piece of yarn, over back over itself, so that you have a little, kind of like the breast cancer ribbon symbol. Make it look like that reach your fingers up underneath and grab the yarn that’s still in your hand and pull it up and tighten down. That’s a slip knot. We’ll show you again make it easier you’ve got it you cross it over make it look like all those ribbon symbols out there reach through from the back grab your yarn and pull tight. Slip knot, easy.

Now we’ve got our slipknot we’re going to take the knitting needle and stick it through the loop and tighten it down. Ok, this is the tail you don’t need it anymore ignore it. You’re going to work on the yarn that’s attached to your skein. The first thing you’re going to do is grab the yarn that goes to the skein underneath your pinky just kind of pinch it down. Keep your needle in this hand if you want you can see how I’m holding it. Now a lot of times I hold the tail so it stays out of my way it’s pinched here. Now, I wrap around from the outside of my thumb towards the inside of my hand, and I’m just bringing it around.

So here’s what we’re gonna do ready, it goes underneath and it goes up and comes down. You just cast on a stitch. Hurray, so wrap it around your thumb again outside to inside bring it up underneath the outside part just like that. Pull your thumb out pull it down. Now if this happens just pull it back up here no big deal and you’ve got stitches cast on. So here we go it’s pinched underneath my finger I’m going from the outside to the inside and come up underneath the outside one with the needle tip. I bring my thumb down and keep my pinky tight pull this and then look you’ve got 4 stitches. Let’s do it again. Around, underneath, straight down. 5 stitches. That is a very simple cast on that doesn’t take a lot of time. There’s a few hitches with this one. When you go to knit if one happens to pop off your stitch is gone, just like that, so make sure that you don’t drop your stitches off your needles when you go to work. But that’s a nice easy quick way to teach especially children because there’s really only a couple steps you always keep your yarn in your pinky you always bring it from the outside to the inside and then up through and then your done and you’ve got another stitch. Very straightforward 3 very simple steps. Pinch, wrap, underneath and you’ve got it. The next video in the series is how to make a knit stitch. You might also like how to spin yarn. Please subscribe to our youtube channel.

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