How To Make Crochet Headbands For Saint Patrick’s Day

free crochet headband patterns

St Patricks Day Headband

Here’s how to make crochet headbands for Saint Patricks day.  This is a fast and easy project that uses very little yarn and will let your little girl (or yourself) stand out and most importantly, not get pinched 🙂  If you don’t have a little girl you might be interested in this St Patrick’s Day Pin instead.

How To Make Crochet Headbands For Saint Patrick’s Day

how to make crochet headbands

I’m adorable and I know it!

Crochet Pattern – Shamrock pieces

With an H hook and green yarn:

For the Clover leaf- repeat this section 3 times:

Chain 2, 1 sc in the 2nd chain from hook

ch 2, turn, 2 sc in the one space

ch 2, turn, work 2 sc in each space (4 total)

ch 2, work 4 dc in first space, work slip stitch in next space, chain 2, work 4 DC in next space, slip stitch in last space, tie off and hide thread.

To connect the leaves + stem

Put crochet hook through the end of all 3 cloves, pull some yarn through and tie a knot.

spread the 3 leaves out like you want them to look.

ch 1, ch 1 going through the clover leaf on the right, chain 8 more times

turn back around, skipping the last chain you worked, and work 7 slip stitches

work 1 slip stitch in the other side of the clover leaf

work 1 slip stitch in the top clover leaf to reinforce it. Cut, tie off and hide the thread.

For The Crochet Headband

Tie yarn to a hair rubber band

Still using an H hook, ch 1, and work 4 SC on the rubber band

ch 2, turn, work 4 DC (repeat for a total of 33 rows (or as many needed to fit around your child’s head)

connect to the rubber band on the other side

ch 1, and work 4 sc all the way across

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