How To Do Eyebrow Makeup

Here’s how to do eyebrow makeup. These makeup tips are especially helpful for mature women experiencing thinning or graying eyebrows

How To Do Eyebrow Makeup

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT – how to do eyebrow makeup

“Hi, I’m Renee, and today we’re going to learn how to apply eyebrow makeup, because we all know, as we age our eyebrows start to thin and we lose this outer edge of our eyebrow. We’re going to learn how to even that out and make your eyebrows look like they did when you were a teenager. Now I’m going to show you how to do eyebrow makeup. So, as you age you’ll probably have noticed that this part of your eyebrow is thicker, and then this part out at the end just kinda like disappears. You know, it gets a lot thinner.

 So, there’s a couple of different products that you could use to fill that eyebrow out. You can get an eyebrow powder, and if you use that eyebrow powder, it’ll come in a little, you know, it’s just a small container like that. You will need this kind of brush. So if you’re using the eyebrow powder, you just dip the brush in the powder and brush it on like that. I like this product real well. It’s a pencil, it’s an eyebrow pencil that has a brush on the other end. So I start here on the end that’s thinner, and just imagine like you’re coloring , like, you know, you have colored pencils, it’s the same thing. You’re just gonna fill in that whole area, and I go ahead and do this up here too, because believe it or not my eyebrows have started getting grey. So why not just do that part too?

 Then after you fill it in, just like you’re coloring, you take the brush side and brush it off. And then you’ll see if you’ve got any areas that look thinner. That looks pretty good. And then I’m gonna do the other side. Once again, that’s the area that looks the thinnest there. And I like that brush, ‘cause, I mean, you don’t want to have crazy eyebrows going up in the air. After I’ve done that, I like to just pluck out any just few like, you know, stray loose eyebrow hairs, because then you know exactly what you need.

If you do this first, you don’t know which ones, you know, you want to keep, but after you’ve got your eyebrows drawn in…now this is not a full eyebrow tweeze, you don’t want to do like a whole bunch, or you’ll have red splotches before you’re going out. This is just if you happen to see, like I see here, I see one all the way over here. I’m like, I don’t need that. What is that doing there? Just those few stragglers that don’t seem to go anywhere. Alright, and there you have it, how to do eyebrows. Next, we’re going to do the eye shadow.”

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