How To Apply Eyeshadow

Here’s how to apply eyeshadow with some special tips for how to put makeup on for mature skin or makeup for older women.

How To Apply Eyeshadow

Video Transcript – how to apply eyeshadow

“Hi, my name is Renee, and today we’re gonna learn how to do eyeshadow. So maybe you’re getting ready to go out on a hot date and you want to spruce things up. I’m gonna show you how to apply eyeshadow that’ll make your eyes look younger, not old. Are you ready to learn how to apply eyeshadow? Make sure you check out the video on eyebrow makeup first. So with eyeshadow, brushes, once again, are important, to have some nice brushes. I never like to use the ones that come with the eyeshadow. They’re, you know, usually a little sponge tip and it’s a lot better to have a natural haired brush. So we want to have multiple colors. We’re gonna start with like a base color, with like a bigger brush to do that. We’re gonna apply this over the whole area. I’m gonna be careful not to get it here, in the creases of my eye, also not to get it all the way in the center by the bridge of the nose. You can see I’ve used that one a lot. Okay, that just kind of evens that area out, makes a base. There’s lots of different colors that you can use. These are just kind of real basic colors. I can use these colors every day, or I can use them for evening. I’m gonna start with this lighter color. And I’m gonna go up kind of higher with that, because you’ll notice as you get older, this area, this upper eyelid, it comes down and hangs over, so you don’t even see very much of the actual eyelid because of that. So I’m gonna go up a little higher with that light pinkish color. Up a little higher. Just gonna draw that area out. You want to use an eyeshadow that’s not real drying, so like this has a mineral base to it. Okay? After that, something, a brush with a little more of a contour to it. We’re gonna do the darker color with that. So don’t go all the way in to the center of the eye, you know, not all the way into the crease. And I could have used a lot darker color, this isn’t, you know, this isn’t a super dark color. Really kind of applying this like a real thick eyeliner kind of look, ‘cause I’ve got that lighter color above. Okay? Make sure you brush off, if you’ve got your brush that you use for powder, you know, you could get rid of any excess of this. And then you just decide how high you want to go with that and how dark you want to go. You could go up higher, make it more dramatic, or for daytime you could keep it down smaller area. Okay, after you get that in there, we’re gonna blend it with the brush that we used originally. So blending that darker color in with the lighter color. Okay. Then do the other eye. The mistake a lot of people make is they go too far and it gets in the creases on either the outside or the top and you don’t want that. It’s ok to go up higher if you want to go, but don’t over to the sides. Brush off all this stuff i don’t want on there, and then blend. So the blending is not over the whole eyelid. It’s just where the 2 colors meet. And then just kind of look at it and see if you need to do a little more in places , i’m going to go a little darker there and a little more on this one too. Alright, now we’ve applied our eyeshadow and now we’re ready to do mascara.


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