Baby Changing Mat Pattern

baby changing padHere’s a free baby changing mat pattern. This changing pad is a great baby shower gift.  It’s small, about the size of a folded up receiving blanket so it won’t take up a lot of space.  So make some extras for your diaper bag, vehicle, purse, etc!

free baby patterns to sewBaby Changing Mat Pattern


Make sure to print all 4 pattern pieces!diy baby shower gifts

Pattern 1             click to print baby changing mat pattern piece1


Pattern 2            click to print baby changing mat pattern piece 2


Pattern 3            click to print baby changing mat pattern piece 3


Pattern 4             click to print baby changing mat pattern piece 4

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13 Comments on “Baby Changing Mat Pattern

  1. I use this EVERYDAY!!! I love the size…not too small and not too big. Thank you for the wonderfully practical gift.

    • Every day, wow! I thought it would be the tiny changing mat that gets used in the purse backup when you forget the real diaper bag, haha

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  3. I plan to make this for a young friend…I’ll let you know how I get on!

    • I’d love to see how it looks when you finish Eileen 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!

  4. Thanks so much. I finished it quickly and now ready to make another one. My new grand baby will be so cute being changed on this.

    • Marianne thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment. I’d love to see a picture if you want to share one on facebook 🙂 Congratulations on your new grand baby! Girl or boy?

  5. Can the mat be washed in the washing machine when you use the vinyl? What about the dryer? I can’t imagine never washing it.

    • I definitely wouldn’t want to put it in the dryer. Hand washing is safest, but sometimes there’s a super bad explosion and you just have to use the washer. If vinyl tears you can always add a little duct tape, which comes in many many colors now 😃

  6. Thanks for this practical and wonderful pattern. Will enjoy making for great grandchildren.

    • Yay! I’m so glad you liked Anita, and congratulations on the great grandkiddos! That’s a super impressive accomplishment 🙂

  7. Have not made it yet but it is by far the easiest and most thoroughly explained of any I have found online. Also love your sense of humor and encouragement. Making two for twins so I’ll post pics when I’m done

    • Twins how exciting! I look forward to seeing your finished project, and I try to make everything easy because life is hard enough all on its own 😉

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