Valentine Bags

I will admit to being a little overly ambitious this year.  I was trying to be a cool mom and save money so I decided that the kids and I would make homemade presents and print off and color our own Valentine’s Cards this year.   I even adapted my reusable snack bag pattern to make valentine bags.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Valentine Bags.  What I didn’t take into effect was that I’d be making like 60 of everything when all was said and done. 

That being said, I loved working with my kids but you might just want to make a special bag for your kiddos and not tackle the whole school like I did!

Valentine Bags

Valentine Bags Sewing Pattern

What special Valentine’s traditions do you have?

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6 Comments on “Valentine Bags

  1. I was just on youtube. My account is being weird.. will it be hard to see the kids name on the bags?

    • I’m going hole punch a valentine card and run a thread through that to attach to the bag. I still want my girls to be able to write everyone’s names so I’m doing the card and the bag.

      • Sounds good. Going to buy some fabric today to make my sons 2nd grade close the bags.

        • I hope your bags turned out great. I got in a little over my head and ended up staying up till midnight finishing bags for 2 classes, and extra teachers. I filled them with pretzels and the girls made their own cards and bracelets for all their friends. Note to self… do LESS next year 🙂

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