How To Save Money – Hand Soap

Did you know that liquid hand soap is a luxury, not a necessity?  I know, it came as a shock to me too.  I can’t remember ever not having it.  Until a few months ago it never would have even crossed my mind to not buy liquid hand soap for my bathrooms.  I was in the grocery store when I saw an end cap sale for hand soap.  That giddy little joy at getting a “good” deal took over and I wheeled my cart over. ” Wow, 89 cents for liquid hand soap… oooh cinnamon.”  I bought multiples and proudly put one out in the bathroom.

A few days later my hands started to look really weird… like poison ivy weird.  But this wasn’t summer so I couldn’t figure out how I’d gotten poison ivy.  It got worse and worse and I tried anti itch creams and all sorts of stuff.  Then I realized that this had all started happening when I got that soap!

I was having an allergic reaction to the hand soap.  You know, the hand soap that smelled so good, that was such a “great” deal.  It was chock full of so many dyes, fragrances, and who knows what all chemicals that my skin literally couldn’t take the nonstop onslaught of my constant hand-washing.  So I grabbed out a boring white bar of soap and started using that instead.  It took forever for my skin to go back to normal, but it went from gross itchy sores to the drying out and healing phase. 

So here’s the positive side effect.  I knew I wasn’t ever going to use hand soap for myself again so I decided to stop buying it for the whole household and it’s cheaper, like way cheaper.  Watch this video and I’ll tell you all about it!

How to save money –  hand soap

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