How To Save Money On Cable

Getting out of debt isn’t easy.  Trust me, I’m still in the process myself.  As nice it would be to wake up one day and win the lottery I’m not counting on it.  Money probably won’t come in in a big swoop and it isn’t necessarily being spent all in one spot either.  No doubt your finances (like mine) are made up of lots of “little” extravagances.  The problem with “little” expenditures is that they add up to big piles of money.  I’ve heard stories of people going on vacations off of change they’ve saved up over the years!  Today we’ll be focusing on how to save money on cable.  It’s one expense that occurs every month and it can really add up. 

#30 per month = $360 per year  Can you really afford cable?

If you’re wondering how to reduce expenses in order to get out of debt you’ve probably wondered how to save money on cable.  I forgot to mention this in my video but it’s really important if you do decide to keep your cable to look at your list every month when it comes in.  You’d be amazed at the little things that creep on there over time.  If you’re torn about whether or not to pull the plug you can always call the company and see if they are willing to reduce the cost.  If they won’t, cut it and that’s a guaranteed lowering of the price hahah!   

You don’t have to watch all your TV on your computer!  If you don’t want to watch videos on your tiny computer screen when you have an amazing flatscreen you have two “cable company free” options.

Option # 1

Buy a Roku box.  For the cost of a couple months of cable you’ll have the amazing capacity to watch digital content on your tv.  You can install free movie channels like Crackle (watch out if you have little kids lots of inappropriate content!), connect it with your instant queue on Netflix, and even link it to your Amazon library if you want to rent or purchase digital copies.  If you buy the more expensive ROKU with the gaming remote you can get games for as low as $5 that are fun for the whole family like Angry Birds and Pacman… although make sure to get some rechargeable batteries too because the kids play the games so much that they drain the batteries 🙂


Option # 2

You can also buy an HDMI cable and connect your TV to your laptop.  You might even have an HDMI cable just lying around from that cable box you’re getting rid of! If you have to buy a cable I recommend making sure it’s long enough for you to be able sit down with your computer all the way across the room. The one time extra cost will be worth it when you don’t have to get up every 2 minutes to be a human remote!

The best way to save money on something is to not spend it at all.  So watch my video “How To Save Money On Cable” and I’ll give you some ideas for other ways to get entertainment.

How To Save Money On Cable

The common theme among most tips on saving money is that lots of little actions add up to big savings!  What actions are you taking to save money?

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