How To Make Reusable Snack Bags

reusable snack bag

Winnie Loves Her Girly Baggies!

It’s the time of year where we all sit around and make our New Year’s Resolutions.  If one of your resolutions was to save money then watch this video to learn how to make reusable snack bags!  It never ceases to amaze me how much money my little family of 5 can spend on food.  Eating out, groceries, whatever it adds up.

One of the food expenses that bothers me most is the stuff you buy at the grocery store that you don’t even eat.

I mean I really hope you’re not sitting around eating paper towels and sipping Windex out of champagne glasses… because they aren’t food.  So why do we spend so much “grocery” money on “non” groceries?  Do we have to?  Should we?  I guess I’m just on a documentary high lately because I just don’t think we need most of that stuff.  So this year I’m going to keep finding alternatives to these non food items.

reusable sandwich bag

She’s begging for princess fabric next…

Baggies are something I’m just plain sick of buying.  I don’t care if you are buying name brand Ziplocks, or store brand baggies.  If you have money problems you can’t afford this throw away luxury.  And even if you have the money, I don’t know if our planet can afford it.  Go watch Bag It if you want need a wake up call to see what plastic is doing to our planet and our health!

plastic free alternatives

She feels that she wasn’t given enough food

O.k. I’m done venting for the day, I promise!  Here’s your free  how to make reusable snack bags pattern, it’s a PDF so just click and print.  Don’t forget to watch the video for step by step instructions.

Click here for the free pattern if you want to make the bigger version for Sandwich/chips baggies.

How To Make Reusable Snack Bags

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