How To Make Reusable Sandwich Bags

how to make a reusable snack bag

Isy thinks popcorn tastes better in a dino bag

In today’s video I’m going to show you how to make reusable sandwich bags.  Don’t worry, there’s also a free reusable sandwich bag PATTERN 🙂

how to make reusable sandwich bags

She’s hoping if she smiles I’ll throw some chocolate chips in with that popcorn.

If you are trying to save money packing lunches is a must!  School lunches aren’t cheap and you have no control over what your kids get to eat every day.  If you have any special dietary concerns it might not even be possible for you to use school lunches.  So what are you using to pack those school lunches?

Do you use a brown paper bag that you have to throw away every time?  I recommend a reusable lunch box.  You can do the traditional style metal box, or one of the newer style plastic lined zip up models.

Are you spending money on juice boxes?  Try a refillable stainless steel cup.  You can put juice in it if you want, but water is just fine.  Kids get more than enough sugar without having juice and water is free!

And lastly what do you put the food in so it doesn’t get everywhere?  I really try avoid plastic after watching this eye opening documentary Plastic Planet where they point out the health risks associated with plastic production, use, and “disposal”.   For liquids like salad dressing or apple sauce I recommend something like this:

If you’re sending something like a salad, pasta, or wet fruits and veggies I got these for my girls.

For dryer and bulkier foods like sandwiches and chips I suggest you print off my free sewing pattern and make some reusable sandwich bags, or click here for my pattern for snack sized baggies. If you aren’t crafty they have lots of adorable commercial versions of reusable baggies, just know it will take you a long time to reap any savings if you don’t make these yourself.

So if you are feeling brave here’s the free printable how to make reusable sandwich bags pattern.  And don’t forget to watch the video for step by step instructions

How To Make Reusable Sandwich Bags

1 hour sewing pattern meme free sewing patternsWhat are ways you save money on your kids lunches?

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