How To Fill A Waterbed

My super dreamy husband, Travis shows how to fill a waterbed. I wish all that I’d had to do was hold the camera, but I actually had to help carry the thing up the stairs. I’ve given birth naturally 3 times… and this was almost has hard haha! Okay maybe not, but it still wiped us out.

I love my waterbed. I’ve had it since before we were married (probably 15+ years). A lot of people are anti waterbeds, but I just don’t like normal mattresses.  I feel like every time I sleep on a normal mattress my back goes out, ugh!

Don’t forget to put in the kit so your water doesn’t get all funky! If you haven’t watched it already, check out How To Drain A Waterbed.

What type of bed do you prefer to sleep on?

How To Fill A Waterbed

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