How To Dye Your Hair

Learn how to dye your hair at home by yourself or with a little help from a friend.  If money is tight you don’t have to pay money you don’t have to keep looking good.  You can save scads of money if you learn how to dye hair. 

Just because you don’t have a lot of money, doesn’t mean you can’t keep looking great!

If you go to a salon you can easily spend $60 to get your hair dyed.  So if you get your hair done every month you could spend $720 a year and that’s not even including haircuts.  You can easily get a box of dye for $8, and if you’re just doing the roots you only need half of the box.  So if we estimate $4 per month that would only cost $48 per year.

  That’s a saving of over $600 a year

 How To Dye Your Hair


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