How To Cut Mens Hair

Are you ready to learn how to cut mens hair?  This is such a great way to save money!

Renee from Forever Fit Life  shows how to cut mens hair, with some special tips for how to hide a receding hair line.  She estimates that’s she’s saved over $4000 just by cutting his hair their whole marriage.  That’s only calculating a once a month haircut at $10 a cut.  They’ve been married for 38 years so that number is even more exciting if you estimate $30 per haircut.  That would give you a savings of a savings of $13,680. 

Obviousy home haircuts are a great thing for any housewife to master.  You you have a family of 4 you could easily be spending $40 per month just on haircuts.  (Women’s can easily cost $100 by the time you throw in dye and styling).  Imagine what you could do with all that money?  What would you do with the money if you no longer had to spend money on haircuts?  Please answer in the comments below.

How To Cut Mens Hair

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