Raw Stuffed Peppers

raw stuffed peppers

I’m going to try to have as much healthy raw food this Thanksgiving as possible, so raw stuffed peppers will be a must. So I’m trying to line up my meal plan in advance. This recipe is super simple and my husband says it reminds him of his grandmother’s cheeseball (I’m guessing that’s the onions!) I’m always looking for ways to use my carrot juice pulp, but if you aren’t a juicer feel free to chop up some carrots instead.

As a quick side note before I post the recipe, I’d like to say that this recipe still works great even if you can’t afford or find raw walnuts.  Nuts are super expensive to begin with, and raw nuts are even more so.  Don’t be scared off from eating raw just because of the expense.  Just do what you can afford.  Even if your recipe is only partially raw, it’s still healthier than a fully cooked one.

raw stuffed peppers

raw stuffed peppers

Raw Stuffed Peppers Recipe

 2 cups walnuts

2 cups carrot pulp (from making carrot juice)

1/2 onion (or a whole if you LOVE onions)

2 tbsp soy sauce (get raw if you can afford it)

4-5 bell peppers red, yellow, or orange

Blend everything except for the bell peppers in a food procesor.  Cut the peppers in half, remove seeds, and fill.  Enjoy!  Do you have any other healthy holiday recipes you recommend?

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