How To Make A Pillow

Here’s how to make a pillow. Learning how to sew a pillow doesn’t have to be hard, and as far a beginnier sewing projects go it’s pretty awesome.

How to make a pillow – VIDEO TRANSCRIPT

Hello this is Joquena from Modern Homemakers, and today I’m going to show you how to make a pillow. You’re going to need, I’m taking an old stinky pillow as my pattern here or you can just cut a pillow to whatever shape you want. Fabric scissors, some stretch of fabric. I’m using free fabric. And you need polyfill. My whole project is going to cost 2.59 because that’s what I paid for it at Hobby Lobby.

So I’ve doubled my fabric because we need two identical pieces. I’m gonna lay my pillow on top and what you really want is about an inch width all the way around. So cut like an inch or a thumb space all the way around. Step 2, we’re going to take this and have pretty sides touching. Take pins and pin all the way around. We’ve pinned all the way around, on one side in the middle we’re leaving you can see it’s the perfect size for my hand. And that’s because you’re gonna be shoving your hand in the pillow to stuff it. Go all the way around with a straight stitch. If you own a serger go serge all around, not where we are going to put your hand, if not go all the way around with a zig zag.

Put your hand in where you left the whole, and turn the pillow case inside out. Use a sharpie, crochet hook etc to make sure all the corners all pushed out. Next step, take polyfil and start on the bottom and fill in the corners first. If you want to save even more money you can try taking some stuffing out of an old pillow, you’ll still want to add some new probably but that would save some money and it’s a good way to upcycle an old pillow.

The next thing you’re going to need is matching thread and a needle because there’s no way around it we’re going to have to do a little hand sewing. Fold the fabric to match up with the seem. If you’re not careful it will stick out like a bubble if you don’t fold it enough. You can put a pin in it if you want. Hide your stitches. Make sure to not pull to tight or it will pucker. Keep going a little more than you need to, overlapping with a few of the machine stitches. Tie off, and cut all the thread. Enjoy your pillow that YOU made!

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