DIY Pinata

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6 Comments on “DIY Pinata

  1. This is so cool!

    Love the kids reaction to the whole thing too.

    • Thanks! It was really rewarding to see them flock to their spoils!

  2. That is so creative. I think as Mom’s we forget that our kids don’t care if we bought something at the store or not. They have fun whether we buy it or make it ourselves. Now for me I can’t make anything, but this video makes me wish I could.

  3. I think you could make this. What I’d pay money to see is you attempting something with actual paper mache. I can see you hands covered in dripping glue while your eyes start to tear up because it’s making such a big mess πŸ™‚

  4. Love this! A pinata is one of those things I always feel guilty buying, but don’t want to have to take days to make!…This is the perfect solution. For the candy, I usually fills a Ziploc bag with candy for each kid when stuffing the pinata, so the kids don’t fight over who gets what. Everyone gets a Ziploc and the same stuff! πŸ™‚

    • What a great idea to separate the individual baggies! I could have made something special for my little nephew who has all the allergies. It’s definitely easy to start feeling the financial guilt at birthdays… am I a bad mom if I don’t buy this or if I do haha!

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