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This morning I put my dehydrator to use. It has been awhile since it has had a good workout. In fact, it might have been last used in December before our trip to Disney World. Eeek! That makes me sad! Oh, well. On Friday I walked into Whole Foods and saw a HUGE display of mangos on sale for .99 cents. Remembering that we had great success with dehydrating mangos last summer and feeling guilty for not having dehydrated snacks for the family, I jumped on the deal. Buying dehydrated fruit gets expenisive and usually has added sugar and perservatives. Making your own is healthier and cheaper. I got twelve mangos since that is what a case equaled to. At Whole Foods if you buy a case you get 10 percent off. This is great especially when an item is on sale. You get the sale price plus 10 percent off. I noticed last night that the mangos were getting super soft so I knew I needed to either A: Have the family eat twelve mangos today or B: Dehydrate the mangos for future snacks. Knowing that option A would be impossible, (Remember when Marley on Marley and Me ate too many mangos?) I opted for B: dehydrate the mangos.

What you need to dehydrate mangos:

  • cutting board
  • knife
  • dehydrator

Step 1

Peel the mango by scoring it around lengthwise and peeling off both sections.

Step 2

Cut thin slices and set out on dehydrator tray in single layer.

Step 3

Dehydrate at 135° for 12- 24 hours until pliable. Continue to check and take out the ones that are ready.

Step 4

Enjoy as a snack or re-hydrate later for a dessert topping or on it’s own.

Looking forward to snacking on these mangos the next few weeks. The fruit never lasts as long as you would think!

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5 Comments on “Dehydrating Mangos

  1. Those look so YUMMY! I’m heading out to the store to see if they’re on sale here in SoCal. 🙂

    • Our dehydrated mangoes were going fast so I picked up 16 more the other day.

  2. Mmmmm…. note to self: add mangoes to grocery list. I need to go see if the dehydrator is done I have strawberries, bananas and kiwi in there right now!

    • It looks beautiful, but it isn’t a favorite with my kiddos. I mix it in with strawberries and then they’re willing to eat it.

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