Baby Too Big For Cradles?


My baby was 10 lbs 2 oz when he was born… so I knew he’d be growing out of stuff at an accelerated rate!  There were newborn clothes that I couldn’t even squeeze on him.  I have a beautiful cradle that my husband’s grandfather made for our first baby.  I’ve used it on all of the kids so I could have the baby right next to our bed.  Today I finally answered the question, is my baby too big for cradles?   


      Even though this is my third baby I still love to get other opinions so I went looking for what helped other moms decide when it was time to switch.  This article has some great general ideas for baby safety 

Your baby may look a bit lost in the big crib when you first place him there, but resist the urge to surround him with pillows, stuffed animals, and bumpers. To reduce the risk of SIDS, keep his crib free of all of these items.



We have the crib right next to the changing table so it seems to be a magnet for junk.  I frequently have to remind my husband that wet-wipe packages, clothes, towels, etc. could smother the baby!  As I mentioned, this was a big baby.  2 months after he was born I took the cradle bumper out.  He would push wiggle/roll his way into the corner of the cradle and I felt it was unsafe.  Now at 4 months he uses his feet to push himself into the corner and then cries because it’s mushing his head.  The great thing with having multiple kids is that you get to keep reusing those items on the next kid.  Does anyone else save their baby stuff or hand it on to friends?

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    • Never thought I’d have a blond baby! This one looks so much like my husband facial expressions and everything 🙂

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