Why Don’t Moms Get Sick Days?

Why don’t moms get sick days?  I found myself thinking over and over again yesterday when I still had to tackle all my mommy responsibilites (3 kids) even thought I was sick as a dog.  I’m feeling a little better today, but yesterday was rough.

I have 3 kids. My husband works 2nd shift and has an hour commute, so I know I’m not seeing him until 10 PM, which let’s face it is no help at all. I knew right away that since I couldn’t take the day off I had to be low standards mom. My feeding schedule for the baby was the first thing to go. I didn’t care if that meant he’d wake up in the middle of the night because at least my husband would be home then! If the baby was crying I fed him. If he was sleeping I LEFT HIM ALONE.

All the cloth diapers were dirty so that was the second item I cut for the day. Come on disposables! That’s why I keep them around, EMERGENCIES. I’d actually managed to take a nap (Thank you baby Gideon) when my alarm went off to go get my pre-schooler. Thank goodness for the snooze feature because I kept falling back asleep. I managed to load the baby into the stroller, which was no small feat since my baby weighs a ton and thanks to my flu symptoms I could barely lift him.  I managed to make the trip to the school twice (different pickup times). 

Men just get to call in sick and take the day off.  Why don’t moms get sick days?

I had all the kids home, now what to DO with them!  My sister had cautioned me earlier in the day to rent a video and I try never to ignore good advice. We love our Roku, which makes even our ancient T.V. seem cool. We’re also big fans of Amazon’s digital copy. You can rent most movies for $3, and you can even buy some titles for as low as $5-$10. So for $10 we bought one of my favorite movies “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs”.

Now that I had them entertained I had one major detail left.  What do I feed them?  I considered making my husband order and pay for pizza over the phone, but I’d already spent money on our movie.  Thank goodness for my pantry. We all ate canned soup.  I didn’t feel up to reading stories, so I had the 6 year old read to the 4 year old.  Then I put everyone to bed early (including me).  Was it the perfect day?  No!  But we survived.  Sometimes that’s all you can expect from your day!






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2 Comments on “Why Don’t Moms Get Sick Days?

  1. Seriously when my husband gets sick he takes the day off work and I get to play nurse and Mom. When I’m sick where’s my nurse? The kids don’t even let me sleep. So unfair. Hmmm maybe we should form a union so SAHM’s and WAHM’s can get sick days and vacation days!

  2. Glad you survived. Those days are the LONGEST. I was playing nurse all last week to the hubs and the baby. It seems like you just don’t get the same treatment you dish out when you are sick. I would definitely join that union.

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