Publix Apron’s Meal

Have your ever walked into a grocery store during a cooking demonstration or while people are handing out samples? I love tasting food, and as a mom that is always on the go, it is always nice to have a little snack. Now that we have allergies in the family, I have to use extra caution when trying something, especially for my son. If there isn’t an ingredient list to read we don’t try it. Not worth it!

About eight months ago I ran to the grocery store alone to pick up a few items. It was around dinner time and my husband was watching the kids. As I walked into Publix my nose perked up. What was that amazing smell? I followed it to a sweet lady demonstrating how to cook a dish with some of the featured sales items for that week. She was making New Orleans shrimp with Cajun beans and rice. I was starving and must have looked so because she quickly dished me up a generous portion and handed me fork to dive in. I stood there and took a bite. “Oh-my-this-is-really-good,” I thought to myself. I took a recipe card and went on to the reason I was really at the store: pick up diapers and other essential items. Eight months later I was thumbing through a folder of recipes that is in my pantry looking for another recipe and this one jumped out. “Ah-Zootala-what is this?” (think chef from Little Mermaid) After reflecting on how scrumptious this dish was, I decided to make it that night. I had to send my husband to the Publix on the way home from work to pick up Cajun seasoning, which he wasn’t too happy about. He quickly apologized when he took his first bite.

New Orleans shrimp and Cajun beans and rice

New Orleans shrimp with Cajun beans and rice recipe

This was a simple meal to make that tasted gourmet. Everyone in my family enjoyed it. Of course we won’t be having this dish often since shrimp isn’t cheap. This would be a good meal to cook for you and your spouse to eat after the kiddos are in bed… say on Valentine’s Day tomorrow. If you don’t eat Shrimp, the Cajun beans and rice recipe alone is amazing. Often I find new recipes by people demonstrating different dishes at grocery stores. Since you are able to try the recipe beforehand there is no guessing if the dish will be yummy or not and no wasting dollars on a bad recipe. Next time you walk by a demostration stop and have a taste. It might help add another recipe to your meal plan. Thank you, Publix!

This post reflects my personal opinions (I was not paid to write this post). 

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2 Comments on “Publix Apron’s Meal

  1. I love me some good vegetarian Cajun food. I will definitely give this a try. I agree it’s better to not try to force the little ones to eat it. It seems lately I’ve been making two meals A LOT because I am not interested in eating nuggets, pizza and mac-n-cheese every night. I keep telling myself their taste buds (like their brains) are not fully formed yet.

  2. I love free samples at the grocery store. My absolute favorite is the gourmet cheese at whole foods. Who needs lunch when you can just eat all the yummy samples 🙂

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