Gifts For Tween Girls

This year for Christmas my tween girls asked for the typical presents; video games, electronics and more video games. Over the years I’ve noticed this trend of all electronic gifts does not spark imagination. So, wanting my girls to indulge in some creative play I had to get creative. Toys are no longer cool at their age so how could I encourage them to “play?”

I thought back to when I was there age and remembered the hours I would spend doodling and writing notes to my friends with fancy lettering. So, in my favorite style of shopping I took off to the web where I poured over reviews and discovered a book series by Klutz.

They have different book kits with supplies including Stencil art, drawing, funny doodles, spirals, thumb doodles, cootie catchers and paper fashions. Each book has glowing reviews from mothers about the hours their children spent enjoying the books.

This was the answer I was looking for. I was sold hook, line and sinker.

On Christmas morning I was a little nervous about the girls opening their gifts. When the gifts were opened then set aside with barely a look I felt defeated. The rest of the gifts were opened and the girls squealed with glee over their new electronic devices. “Oh well,” I thought, “I guess they’re just past that stage”. Then to my ecstatic surprise a few hours later I saw the girls sitting together doodling in their new books.

For the next several hours they scribbled away then proudly showed off their designs to everyone. I even got a hug and a genuine “thanks mom” for my efforts. Sometimes our kids need us to help them discover things they may enjoy. Even though they’re tweens who think they know it all, we know they don’t. It can be hit or miss to get them interested in something new, but that one home run makes it all worthwhile.

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2 Comments on “Gifts For Tween Girls

  1. so glad they ended up liking them. I will keep these in mind for when my little girl becomes a tween….getting teary eyes right now.

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