Same Kind of Different As Me

In this season of being thankful, I am especially thankful for my friends; more specifically, the friends that many of us may pass by. We sometimes pass them by because the friendships may be hard to maintain or uncomfortable at times. The decision to move could be because their life experiences are too different from ours and they can be hard to understand. These are the friends that make us reach outside ourselves and see beyond this world.

Pictured is a friend of the family who has encouraged and fervently prayed for us over the past sixteen years. Each time I visit with her she inspires me with her courage, boldness, and love. She embodies the best of what I like to share with you in this article. This summer while visiting my parent’s, I found a stack of books on a shelf titled, “Same Kind of Different as Me”. Curious, I asked my mom why she had a stack of this same book. She told me that they were purchased for us kids, but they had forgotten to give them to us over Christmas. This was completely understandable since I had a baby over the holidays and that time was a blur. Since I had been looking for a good book I tucked it under my arm vowing to find some time to read it.

 Why The Book Looked So Appealing to Me:

  •  The design of the cover is well done— I know…I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.
  • It is a New York Times Bestseller.
  • The phrase after the title made me walk upstairs, plop on the couch, and start reading. It says, “A modern-day slave, an international art dealer, and the unlikely woman who bound them together.”
  • Looked like a inspirational story. I like to be inspired.

This is a true story written by modern day slave, Denver Moore and art dealer, Ron Hall. These two men were brought together by Debbie who dreamed big. These men under normal circumstances would have never been friends but were divinely brought together and taught each other things that many do not learn in a lifetime. Since the book is written by both Denver and Ron, the chapter’s go back and forth telling their perspective of a parallel story. A masterful work with a compelling, life-changing story makes this a highly recommended book. I found myself laughing, crying, and pondering while reading. Their story is one that will challenge you to the very core.

Like sandpaper smoothes and refines woodwork. Friends have the ability to polish and shape our character. Regard the friends that rub against you the most and decide if they may be the sandpaper in your life. I urge you to put “Same Kind of Different As Me” on your “must read” list. I told my husband that this has to be the next book he reads. As I reflect on things that I am most thankful for in this season of Thanksgiving I am truely grateful for the friends that have given me new ways of seeing. I hope you enjoy this weekend of Thanksgiving, especially if you are around those who act as sandpaper in your life. Consider it a blessing.


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One Comment on “Same Kind of Different As Me

  1. I agree that the “sandpaper people” in our lives tend to be the ones that bring about the most change and inspiration. Sounds like a good read. Maybe I can borrow your copy when we crash at your place this Christmas?

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