The Mulberry Tree By Jude Devereux

Romance novels are a guilty pleasure of mine. I’ll admit I normally try to read something more “edifying” like classics or big honking fantasy novels. However, I’m pregnant right now and my last attempt to read a classic led to three days of nonstop sobbing as I read Pearl Buck’s “The Good Earth”. So I decided to indulge myself for the remainder of the pregnancy and started checking out whole baskets of romance novels at once. I’m sure it’s embarrassing for my poor husband when he goes to return them to the library but he hasn’t complained yet!

This book is amazing. This was actually my 3rd time reading it. I can do that because I have no retention and after a few years I’m actually surprised by the ‘who done it’ all over again! The story is about a woman in her early 30’s who finds herself widowed. She had lived solely for her billionaire husband. It wasn’t about the money, she was just selfless and he was literally her everything. Within hours of his death she finds herself not only alone but virtually penniless. The will states that all the money is to go to his brother and sister.

She doesn’t even get to keep her clothes and jewelry! Her husband leaves her a vague and mysterious note asking her to find out the truth about what happened. She moves from a mansion to a rundown farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. Her husband had secretly given it to his lawyer years before in order to insure that she’d have something. The house looks like it should be condemned, but it’s all she has! She spends her first night in the barn because that’s actually cleaner than the house!

Don’t worry she won’t be alone for long because the town matchmakers send a handsome border her way. The best part is he’s a handyman and he can help fix the rundown shack! He’s paying for his room and for his cooking, but when he makes hot eyes at her she warns him that if any of “that” happens she’ll triple his rent!

The book is nonstop fun as she goes about discovering who she is. If you like to cook and can your own veggies like I do, you’ll be in awe of all the descriptions of the yummy jams and feasts. If not you can just snicker and read on because the romance and the mystery will still make this a worthwhile read for you! As far as romance novels go, I give this 5 out of 5 stars.

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4 Comments on “The Mulberry Tree By Jude Devereux

  1. I’ll add it to my list of fiction books to read when my kids are grown. I’m lucky if I get to read one fiction book a year. My book pile by the side of the bed is full of adoption and parenting books. No light fun reading. Let me know if they make it into a movie. I can usually find time to watch those while folding laundry! 😉

    • Laundry movie! Why I find that a tad bit insulting… since we all know that laundry movies are those movies that don’t really deserve your full attention!

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