Potty Training Toddlers

This is not a potty training toddlers “tips” blog post. Let’s be clear, I’ve only had to potty train 1 of my 6 children. And truth be told, I really sucked at it. I think I probably broke every rule in the book when it comes to rewards and charts. I’ll hide behind the excuse that I was only 23 at the time. I like to joke that it’s just another unconventional added perk of adopting toddlers and older kids, they come already potty trained.

My now 11 year old was 18 months when we brought her home. She’s the youngest kid I’ve ever had (and quite honestly “baby” enough for me). I remember when she started showing signs that she was “ready” to be potty trained. Having had two boys (one of them who needed some aim and shake reminders) this was all new territory for me. So I did what all new parents do. I went out and bought an expensive potty chair with all the bells and whistles. I mean it literally made music every time she tinkled.

My mom came over. We unveiled the potty. We pumped her full of liquids. We waited… and then… disaster. She hated it. Scratch that. She loved the potty, hated the idea of using it. I quickly realized I hated the idea of teaching her to use it. So I took a bunch of pictures, made a scrapbook page (I used to dabble) and called that experience done til she was in kindergarten. Okay maybe not that long, but you get the idea. It took us a LONG time to master the art of potty training.

So with my latest batch of kiddos imagine my relief to learn that they were all potty trained! [insert backflip here] It’s magical. The two little toddlers announce their “going potty” and proudly prance off to the bathroom. The first week we had them I really thought I had it made. And then I saw the start of very disturbing trend. I’m not saying she does it on purpose although sometimes I think she does.

My three year old ALWAYS has to go poop when I’m eating.

I am NOT exaggerating. It is EVERY TIME I’m eating. It doesn’t matter what I do. Eat before everyone, eat after, eat hiding in the closet. She uses her spidey senses, she knows I’m eating and I hear “Mom, I have to go poop.”

On top of that culinary delight I get the added bonus that she has some issues with constipation. So, she wants me right by her side for comfort and the extra needed support of “rubbing her back” to help with the process. All of course during the middle of whatever meal I’ve spent a healthy amount of time preparing.

To me the whole experience of potty training is comical. These are the perfect stories I’ll keep tucked away for when they have little ones of their own someday. Because remember these moments with your toddler are just a phase. Soon she’ll be past this and I’ll be sad looking back to when she was little and we were working on not talking about “poop” at the dinner table. And I just might get misty eyed the day she announces she no longer wants mommy to come to the bathroom with her anymore.

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2 Comments on “Potty Training Toddlers

  1. Ahh, potty training. I have many memories of sitting on the cold ceramic tile floor reading books to our little guy waiting for something to appear in the tiny plastic potty. 30 hours or more were clocked doing “potty duty”. We read quite a few books in there. We will see how the training goes in a few years with little britches.

  2. My children excel academically… but when it comes to potty training they just don’t get it. I seem to be incapable of training a child before age 3.5 SOOOOOOO frustrating! I can’t describe how many books, videos, and websites we tried. If I hear one more “promise” about potty training in a day… I might just PUKE.

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